Are you a novice driver of any age or someone just wanting to brush up on pre-test skills?

If you are learning to drive, look no further than Safe Driver School. We are a trusted and professional driving school that has been making safer drivers in Tasmania.

Professional instructor

Learn to drive with the help of the fully qualified, professional instructor at Safe Driver School, trained to understand the individual learning needs of each driver and an expert in making you feel safe and confident.

Safe and comfortable car

The Safe Driver School car is modern and comfortable, manual and best of all fitted with dual controls so you can be assured you are always in safe hands.


That’s right! Learning to drive is fun and exciting. Our lessons are challenging but rewarding and before you know it you will become a confident and safe driver.

Pass your test the first time?

At Safe Driver School, our instructor is patient, encouraging and supportive. He will know how to guide you from your very first lesson, working at your own pace until you are ready to take your test. That is why we have such an outstanding success rate amongst our students who are learning to drive in Tasmania.

Man learning to drive in Hadspen